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  • (MYM) is a non-profit award winning web site funded in part by the Government of Canada. MYM is dedicated to providing the necessary info, resources and skills to inspire youth to reach out, get help for themselves or give help to their friends who may be coping with stress, mental health issues, self harming behaviors or suicide. MYM is committed to reducing the stigma often associated with reaching out for help.
  • Mental Health Works is an initiative of the Ontario branch of CMHA bringing clear solutions to complex issues confronting¬†employers who find themselves dealing with¬†employees suffering from a mental illness. Call the Grande Prairie office 814-2349 if your business or organization could use some training or tools.
  • Center for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) is Canada’s leading addiction and mental health teaching hospital. CAMH succeeds in transforming the lives of people affected by addiction and mental illness, by applying the latest in scientific advances, through integrated and compassionate clinical practice, health promotion, education and research.
  • The World Federation for Mental Health is the only international, multidisciplinary, grassroots advocacy and education organization concerned with all aspects of mental health!
  • Stop Smoking Web Site Links is a list of resources compiled by CMHA Alberta Northwest Region to help you quit smoking.